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Our commitment is that smart choices are not just about animal health, but rethought in everyday life.

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Animal Biotechnology

In Brazil, BOTUPHARMA was created in 2005 due to the union of veterinarians with vast wide experience in developing products applied to animal biotechnology. Several scientific papers worldwide mention the BOTUPHARMA products as innovative and responsible for expressive results.

BOTUPHARMA products were established to meet market needs, including semen transport accessories, collectors, filters, semen extenders, hormones, and food supplements for large and small animals.

In 2017, with the intention to strengthen its global presence and to be close to markets and end-users, BOTUPHARMA USA was established. Together with its Headquarters in Brazil, Botupharma has pioneered several assisted reproductive technologies, continuing its innovative path through research and development. Botupharma has always been the science behind its products, cooperating with internationally renowned scientists, professionals, and academics alike, dedicated to providing the best results.”

Thai Hua Assumes Role as Director of Sales at BotuPharma USA, a Leader in the Animal Reproduction Industry

PHOENIX, December 2023 — Botupharma USA, a distinguished name in the Animal Reproduction Industry, proudly welcomes Thai Hua as its newly appointed Director of Sales. With a proven track record in driving sales expansion and cultivating client relationships, Mr. Hua brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his role.

Botupharma has long held a prominent position in the Animal Reproduction Industry, earning widespread recognition and respect from veterinarians across the nation. The company’s commitment to excellence and the quality of its products and services have solidified its reputation as a trusted leader in the industry.

Mr. Hua, with his background in strategic sales management, is poised to make a substantial impact on Botupharma’s continued success. His emphasis on effective sales strategies and dedication to client satisfaction align seamlessly with the company’s ethos.

“As I step into the role of Director of Sales at Botupharma USA, I am excited about contributing to the ongoing success of the company within the Animal Reproduction Industry,” stated Mr. Hua. “Botupharma’s proactive approach to innovation and its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the industry position it as a reliable partner for veterinarians seeking cutting-edge solutions.”

In his new capacity, Mr. Hua looks forward to leveraging BotuPharma’s strong reputation and existing relationships to further enhance the company’s national presence. He expresses enthusiasm about connecting with industry professionals and collaboratively working towards mutual success.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Thai Hua
Director of Sales
Botupharma USA

Rules and standards

BOTUPHARMA® has a manufacturing sector that meets the strictest production standards worldwide, ensuring high quality and reliability of its products.

We follow all manufacturing and safety standards for production.


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