Integrity protection of sperm


Equine Reproduction

Net contents:
25 mL


Sugars, antioxidants, amino acids, egg yolk, cryoprotectant, and vehicle.

Storage and stability

Store it in a freezer at -20ºC. After thawing, keep it refrigerated at 5ºC for up to 2 days. Add the contents of the bottle directly into the centrifuged semen.

How to use

After semen collection
– Determine sperm parameters: volume, motility, and concentration
– Dilute the ejaculate with BotuSemen at 1:1 proportion (v:v)
– Centrifuge at regular 600 x G for 10 minutes or with Red Cushion 1000 x G for 20 minutes
– Remove supernatant
– Resuspend pellet with BotuCrio to 200x10E6 sperm/ml or to 100x10E6 sperm/straw
– Pack and seal straws
– Leave straws into the refrigerator at 5ºC (Celsius) for 20 to 30 minutes
– Add 2.5 inches of nitrogen into Styrofoam box
– Put straws 3 cm to 6 cm above the liquid nitrogen level for 20 minutes
– Dump straws into nitrogen bath
– Thaw straws in warming water at 37ºC for 30 seconds or at 46 ºC for 20 seconds


Net contents 25 mL

BotuCRIO has in its formulation innovative substances to protect the sperm integrity. BotuCRIO combines the best components to protect cells from damage caused by freezing and to protect their fertility after thawing.


BotuCRIO offers the best motility parameters. The formulation of BotuCRIO results in best integrity, speed and viability of the sperm. In addition, it provides better motility after total and progressive thawing compared to other commercially available freezing extenders.


BotuCRIO shows the best fertility rates. Studies indicate that frozen stallion sperm with BotuCRIO have better fertility compared to other extenders. These in vitro results were confirmed during field experiments by providing higher pregnancy rates per cycle after insemination.


In international studies, BotuCRIO when compared to other freezing extenders always presented the best results of freezing and fertility. BotuCRIO is the most used semen extender in the world!

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