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Sperm Concentrator Filter

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SpermFilter is a synthetic membrane filter with porosity that allows the passage of seminal plasma and bacteria, retaining only sperms. The filter eliminates the need of a centrifuge, being less harmful to sperm when compared to the centrifugation usually used to concentrate sperm.


Carefully remove the filter from the package. Place the Petri dish on a surface heated to a temperature of 30-35ºC. Dilute the semen with BotuSemen and pour it into the SpermFilter.

To concentrate the sperm, gently swirl the diluted semen around the filter and repeatedly touch the bottom of filter on the bottom of Petri dish until only a slight amount of liquid is evident on the filter membrane.

Wash the filter with appropriate volume of either BotuSemen or BotuCrio extender. Repeat swirling motions to resuspend the sperm and pour it into a beaker. If sperm recovery is low due to smaller size of the sperm, it may be necessary to refilter the ejaculate.

The SpermFilter can be reused for the same stallion up to 10 times. Wash it with sterile distilled water and dry at 37ºC.



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