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Safe Transport of Semen and Embryo

The best system in the market designed for embryo transport.
Proven results  an high pregnancy rates.


Semen transport (2 ice pack)

Embryo transport (1 ice pack)


AVAILABLE: Styrofoam box containing three units of BotuIA, and two ice pack.
Optional: Adapter to 50 mL Falcon Tube


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BotuFlex is a low cost system developed to achieved adequate cooling curves both at 15ºC and 5ºC. Its sealing and density allow the shipped samples to reach the final destination at the appropriate temperature, even in adverse conditions of external temperatures.
– BotuFlex should be set up on the time of use;

– Do not introduce new samples while the BotuFlex is in use;

– The cold sources (ices) should be frozen at -20ºC for at least 24 hours before each use;

– ALWAYS respect the quantity of 150 to 200 mL of volume per shipping, if necessary use a bottle of water with the missing volume to complete the 150 to 200 mL;

– The BotuFlex can work at 15ºC (using 1 ice) or 5ºC (using 2 ice);

– For transports until 12 hours use 1 or 2 ice, above 12 hours always use 2 ice;

– For best results in refrigerated transport, use BotuSemen extender;

– For stallions with low motility, try BotuTurbo extender;

– With BotuTurbo extender, always use the 5ºC curve (using 2 ice);

– Do not open the BotuFlex before final destination;

– The refrigeration curves with 1 or 2 ice are represented at the graphs below:

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Dimensions 11.42 × 9.64 × 9.64 in


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